2024 Challenge

Deep-Sea Exploration!

First discovered in 1977 near the Galápagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador, hydrothermal vents are a critical area of ocean exploration. ROVs are necessary to aid researchers in exploring the harsh environments that surround hydrothermal vents where extreme temperatures and pressures, toxic chemicals, and reduced visibility are the norm. The 2024 International SeaPerch Challenge was inspired by the wealth of information that can be gathered by exploring these deep-sea geysers.

Milestones Mandatory

Technical Design Report

Describe the intentional design process you completed for your SeaPerch ROV. This report should include all required sections in the instructions and provide judges with an understanding of your unique SeaPerch design and your team’s approach to developing this design. This report should focus on the SeaPerch ROV your team designed to compete in the 2024 SeaPerch pool courses

Team Video

Delivering ideas in a clear and convincing manner is critical to bringing your project to life and helping project supporters understand your ideas and be convinced of their potential. Prepare a short, 5-minute video introducing your team, describing your engineering design process, and providing a reflection on this season.

Pool Courses

Navigate your SeaPerch ROV through an obstacle course and a mission course including a series of tasks. Score points for time and successful task completion.

Obstacle Course Overview

The Obstacle Course tests high-speed manoeuvrability and requires the SeaPerch Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to navigate the course as quickly as possible.

Mission Course Overview

incorporates a mission that teams must complete with their SeaPerch ROV related to Ocean Exploration. The Ocean Exploration Mission is a simulation of the tasks and environment that an ROV might encounter while operating as a part of a multi-vehicle team with an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV). Specific tasks include Mapping the Seafloor, Marine Life Interaction and Water Sample Collection

Awards Section

SeaPerch West Asia trophies and honour certificates will be awarded to all participating teams and the top winners will be qualified to represent their country and the whole West Asia region in the international finals in College Park, Maryland, USA that will be held on May 31 - June 1, 2024.